Tailor-made tools

New mechanical solutions, the EMCAM technology and the modular design of our machines ensure the highest purity and throughputs in the sorting of bulk solids

INCODECS provides tailor-made solutions for the most challenging sorting tasks and sets new standards in the sector, amongst others, concerning the:

  • Recycling of stainless steel
  • Recycling of non-ferrous metals
  • Metal separation, with the option of "selectively ignoring" rust and magnetisable minerals
  • Separation of extraneous materials and items such as transformers or electric motors

Fields of application for INCODECS sorting machines

  • Processing of slag from waste incineration plants (WIP)
  • Processing of both shredder heavy and light fractions (SHF, SLF)
  • Processing of float-sink heavy fractions
  • Processing of electronic scrap
  • Copper separation from ferrous scrap
  • Stainless steel separation from ferrous bulk solids, such as scrap rubber, scrap wood, dirt