The EMCAM-family

A team of specialists

The tasks of the processing industry are diverse and challenging. To meet the demands we have developed specialised versions of the EMCAM, allowing us to provide you with the best and most economically solution for your needs.

Different variants of the EMCAM are developed for diverse applications


The intelligent all metal sensor

specifically suitable for the general rescue of metal from bulk materials.

Additionally and in contrast to the conventional all metal sensors, as well as the detection sensitivity the magnetizability can be called upon as a sorting criterion. This avoids sorting errors.


The selective metal sorter

for the recognition and differentiation of metals and types of metals. Seperate non-ferrous metals and high value stainless steels of the highest purity. It is therefore extremely well suited for metal sorting in the recycling and processing industry.


The sensor for special tasks

the youngest and most complex member of our EMCAM.-family. The performance of the internal main board is many times more powerful compared with the other EMCAM-systems. Therefore the door is always open to us for very complex analyses: so became possible the real time implementation of the Meatball recognition which solves a major problem in the steel preparation industry and even far surpasses earlier implementations.

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