About us

Sometimes the only way to really move forward is to leave the beaten track and go your own way. We have done just that. As a technological trailblazer of sensor-based metal sorting, INCODECS provides new technologies for the processing industry. Economically and ecologically sensible.

With many years experience in the development of sensors and measuring systems, the engineers Oliver Gurok and Alexander Braun recognised that the existing solutions, with their slow, inaccurate metal detectors and slow PC based control systems, were far from exhausting the limits of the technically possible.

This resulted in 2003 in them conceiving a completely new metal recognition system with planar magnetic induction tomography, PMIT for short, as the basis.

Convinced by the initial test results, both gave up their full-time employments to concentrate completely on the development of a prototype for this sorting technology. The result is known today as the "electromagnetic camera", EMCAM for short, which has received an international patent for its physical/mathematical particle location technology.

In 2004 the inventors founded the company INCODECS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH to advance the industrial implementation of their development.

Through years of consistent further development and working closely with customers and users, INCODECS have become specialists in magnetic field based material and object recognition.