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The demands on the raw material preparation industry regarding quality and quantity are continually growing. Moreover lawmakers are having to react to the pressing issue of an increasing resource shortage.

The use of landfill for large amounts of once expensively extracted raw materials is neither sustainable nor economically sensible. Conventional recycling methods no longer satisfy today’s requirements and are therefore not an option particularly for the planning of new treatments plants. New solutions are required –technically implementable, efficient, energy saving and affordable.

What makes the slag from waste incineration plants so unique…

The ash and clinker from waste incineration plants contain a high percentage of metallic materials whose reclamation makes economic sense.

Until now, using the conventional technique (lifting magnets and whirler-type separators) the remaining bare metal from the clinker was separated and could be recycled. But not the whole of the treasure has been raised. A few percent of precious metals, particularly stainless steels could not be reclaimed prior to use as landfill.

Neither can all metal sorting machines, which rely on simple metal detectors, solve this task optimally, as they segregate in addition to the high-grade steel all sorts of non-recyclable rust and thereby add impurities to the metal fraction and reduce the quality.

Schlackeaufbereitung Schlackeaufbereitung
The new solution developed by INCODECS is based upon the use of an intelligent metal sensor which can find and separate the solid stainless steel and nonferrous metal parts found in the waste incineration plant slag and thereby eliminate rust and iron. The rust-containing minerals remain in the slag.

The results from the INCODECS sorting machinery:

  • Production of a high quality metal fraction
  • Production of a waste incineration plant mineral fraction which is able to be used for landfill

Aussortiertes Metall Aussortiertes Metall

If copper becomes a problem …

n order to save resources large quantities of scrap metal as well as iron ore are melted in the production of raw steel. In this process copper is undesirable because, in contrast to volatile impurities like zinc it does not evaporate, but remains in the molten iron and thereby reduces the quality of the steel produced. Since this process cannot be reversed there becomes an ever increasing portion of copper in the steel produced worldwide due to the multiple recycling cycles. In many areas of the modern industrial world particularly vehicle production this steel can no longer be used.

The quality assurance of the steel scrap mix as an input material for electric furnaces is therefore becoming increasingly important as regards the copper percentage. Until now solutions have been based on the manual sorting of the visible copper, such as for example electric motors and cable odds and ends.

Stahlschrott mit Meatballs Stahlschrott mit Meatballs
There have been attempts to use the laboratory derived methodology of X-ray analysis. However, this is dependent on a clean surface of the sought-after material copper and requires extended measurement times which make the operation extremely difficult under industrial conditions. Furthermore, the required performance of the X-ray source creates a radiation level hazardous to health and this demands extensive safety measures.

INCODECS has been working on a new almost revolutionary solution for the last 3 years: the first sorting machine in the world in which an intelligent “electromagnetic camera “can precisely identify concealed copper by means of measurement of changes in the magnetic field and without dangerous radiation. By means of the low measurement times, the material can be reliably analysed at transport velocities of over 3 m/s.

The result of the INCODECS solution:

  • Production of a high value steel scrap fraction with a small copper impurity
  • Extraction of a clean fraction of copper-bearing parts for further utilisation

Separated meatballs Separated meatballs

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