Everywhere-at all times

In many situations, it makes more sense economically to bring the sorting machine to the material to be sorted rather than transporting large quantities of material to the where the sorting machine is located. This makes it of particular interest to companies with a number of facilities or sites.

Our autarchic mobile sorting machine, the INCODECS i120-M, was especially designed to meet these challenges and makes the effective use of our EMCAM sorting processes possible even under difficult local conditions.

INCODECS knows how fast-moving the industry can be and adapts to meet new challenges as they arise. Customised Recycling - whenever you want it, wherever you want it.

Even in cases where bulk solids occur in relatively small quantities and/or infrequently, they can still be sorted in an economically viable way. Rent the INCODECS i120-M as and when you need it and increase your added value.

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